The Black Flamingo Open Studio

Collaborate with an artist and poet as they make new works exploring queer identity

3 May – 11 June 2017 at 10.00–18.00

Poet Dean Atta and visual artist Ben Connors take The Black Flamingo, a metaphor used within Atta’s work to explore identities of queer people of colour, as the starting point for this collaboration.

Responding to both their own conversations and those with visitors, they will create new work in the space on a couple of days per week over the course of the project, exploring identity through poetry and visual art.

Through the duration of the open studio, an expanding mural will populate the walls and Connors will illustrate Atta’s poems which will be compiled into a zine including contributions from audience members.

On days when the pair are not present in the space, audiences will still be encouraged to interact by responding to a series of creative prompts. A number of live events and performances will further animate the conversation.

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Image: Illustration by Ben Connors, 2016 © Ben Connors